Humpty Dumpty BBQ Pizza

1 cup Water - room temp
1 tsp Sea Salt
3 TBL Olive Oil
1 tsp Sugar
2 1/2 cups Pizza Flour
1/2 cup HD BBQ chips
2 tsp SAF Red Yeast

Various ideas follow, but start with a few dark orange chips (Humpty Dumpty BBQ brand only ),
the idea is to get the spices, so avoid the light colored and select the heavy coated chips.
Fine crush enough for a half cup of powder, more or less to taste. I use a bread machine, so stay to
the order above, the BBQ spice is added after flour. The machine dough cycle is 1 hour and
20-30 minutes. Without a machine, mix and rise for an hour
When cycle is finished, roll out in two pizzas, here are some types-

10-12 inch medium   rise 10 minutes or more on the pan

14-16 inch thin crust 5 minutes on the pan

10-12 inch thick crust into the refrigerator over night, leave on pan and cover with bowl this
will rise to twice the height, so plan so dough does not touch cover, but has to be covered or it
will dry out. When it comes out, room temp for half hour, then gently press down just the center
of the pizza, the outside will be puffy like a dinner roll.

Select Topping Bakes at 400 F until cheese is browned and crust is golden - Roughly 15 minutes.
When cooked, remove from pan and place on a wire rack for 5 - 10 minutes to clear steam.

Topping ideas - American cheese browns fast, so dock the pizza and cook a couple of minutes to
seal the dough and partial cook the crust. American cheese before sauce.

Cheeseburger Brown hamburger (with onions, option) Think of what you like on a burger,
this is a guide. Instead of pizza sauce, try a mix of ketchup and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce or
ketchup and mustard. Layer on American cheese slices and top with burger.
 (Some people may want pickles served with pizza to complete the concept).

Most hotdogs are high water, so fry or microwave and paper towel dry, if not the cheese will
be watery. Same as cheeseburger for sauce and cheese.

Cheese Steak Cook the shaved steak (onion and peppers optional), paper towel dry
Brush crust with olive oil, spread out the steak and cover with mozz / prov cheese.

Sloppy Joe        Layer american cheese on crust and top with recipe from this link