Crisco Problems
Crisco white shortening is now 0 trans fat. Check the labels, but most of the old is gone.
Health issues created the change, but the cooking effects are many and are still being found.
First, it does not work well in frostings, reports are of sliding icing and texture/dry issues the next day.
     The easy fix is to use Hi Ratio baker's shortening, it was always better, but now is worth the change.
     You may also find new recipes using more water to adjust the new Crisco.
Second, sauces made in double boilers are lower in volume and thicken faster.  The temperature is
     lower on the new Crisco, so adjustments are needed.  The fix is mix with butter for half of recipe.
Third, cakes and pies are also low rising and crumb textured, may also need water.
     Pie crust are not as flaky and tougher.
Forth, a few reports are showing the 0 trans fat is good for cholesterol, but may rise blood pressure.
     That effect may be from attempting to cook with the new health foods. 
Fifth, the temperature for storage and frying are lower, so adjustments are needed.
Most sites recommend mixing the new with old types or butter to make it more like the old Crisco.
Do not wait until needed to test the new Crisco, it is nothing like the original.


Now for some facts, here are the numbers on original, new, and Surfine.
Original Crisco 0 Trans Fat Surfine*
Total Fat 12 12 13
Saturated Fat 3 3 3
Trans Fat 1.5 0 2
Polyunsaturated 3 6 3
monounsaturated 4 2.5 4
cholesterol 0 0 0
sodium 0 0 0
total carbohydrate 0 0 0
Protein 0 0 0
Vitamin E 15% 15% ?

* Surfine may change, so check the label, it may be the best option for now.

MaryAnne's still has the trans fat edition in large cans.


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