Chrystal Birt's Cook Book



I will be entering the recipes in time, but click on the link for a scan of the originals.
Apple Brown Betty.jpg    back.jpg
Apple Cppkies.jpg
Apple Walnut Supreme Cake.jpg    back.jpg
Avacodo Salad.jpg
Baloon Cake.jpg
Barbecue Sauce.jpg
Bisquik Quice.jpg
Butterscotch Clusture.jpg     back.jpg
California Brown Bread.jpg   back.jpg
Caramel Filling.jpg    back.jpg
Caramel Frosting.jpg
Cheese Puffs.jpg
Cherry Nut.jpg     back.jpg
Cherry Winks.jpg   back.jpg
Cherry Winks Kelloggs.jpg
Chiffon Cake.jpg
Chinese Chews.jpg    back.jpg
Chocolate Cake.jpg
Chocolate Cherry Brandy Pie.jpg
Chocolate Cream Dream.jpg    back.jpg
Chocolate Doughnuts.jpg    back.jpg
Chocolate Doughnuts 2.jpg
Clam Cassrole.jpg
Coffee Cake Gatani.jpg   back.jpg
Coffee Cake Raised Doughnuts.jpg
Coffee Cake Val.jpg
Corn Meal Muffins.jpg
Cranberry Bread.jpg
Cranberry Bread 2.jpg
Date Cake.jpg
Date Nut.jpg
Date Squares.jpg
Deviled Shrimp.jpg
Diet French Salad Dressing.jpg
Dill Pickles.jpg
Fairy Ginger Bread.jpg
Fruit Cake.jpg
Fruit Cake 2.jpg  back.jpg
Fruit Cake 3.jpg
Fruit Cake 4.jpg    back.jpg
Fruit Cake 5.jpg    back.jpg
Fruit Cake Light.jpg   back.jpg
Fry Pan Cookies.jpg   back.jpg
Green Pepper Hash.jpg
Green Tomato Pickles.jpg   back.jpg
Icebox Oatmeal Cookies.jpg
Mince Meat.jpg
Mince Meat 2.jpg
Mince Meat 3.jpg  back.jpg
Mince Meat Cake.jpg
Molasses Cookies.jpg
Molasses Doughnuts.jpg   
Molasses Doughnuts 2.jpg
Molasses Snaps.jpg
Mustard Pickles.jpg   back.jpg
Pasta Sauce Civiello.jpg   back.jpg